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Lyle's Loops Vol. 3 - All Blues Jam Tracks - $6 Download, $12 CD
This is the most popular of all my Jam Tracks, All Blues. Order all 12 jam tracks to download today for only $6! Download them and then burn them to a CD. Drop it in your monster stereo system in your living room and crank your Marshall amp all the way up and start jamming! You and your neighbors will love the sounds of these All Blues Jam Tracks which were all digitally recorded at 48,000hz, 24 bit - Stereo, for the best possible sound quality. Each jam track averages around 5 minutes long so you have plenty of time to groove.

Listen to .wma samples:

  1. Blues Shuffle in Cm
2. Blues in D
3. Blues Shuffle in A
4. Bb Blues
5. Bm Blues
6. Slow Blues in C
7. Slow Blues in Em
8. Blues in C
9. Blues Shuffle in G
10. Blues Shuffle in E
11. Blues in C
12. Blues in G

Want to know the best scales to use with these jams? Get:
Jam Sessions - All Blues Styles CD-ROM

Here's the CD art you can use to label your jam tracks once you download them and burn to a CD:


Order the download now and I'll email you the link right away!


Order the CD and I'll mail it to you. Expect delivery within 5 to 10 business days.

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