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Amp Settings and Presets for Voodu Valve and Flextone III +

Now you can download my custom tone settings and presets for my Rocktron Voodu Valve and my Line6 Flextone III Plus. To be able to use these files, you'll first need to own one of these fine amps, and then be able to hook your amp up to your pc to transfer the data. For help on this please visit and or Unfortunately I don't have time to offer tech support, but I am happy to be able to share my presets with you. Stay tuned! - Lyle

Line6 Flextone III + Presets

I use this amp for live performances and recording. There is a direct output on the back of the amp that plugs into either the PA system or to the input of the recording device.

Van Halen Rhythm sound. Also works good for that AC/DC sound as long as you turn off the delay.

A close replica of the Eddie Van Halen lead setting, like what he used on the first album.


Stay Tuned for more...

Rocktron Voodu Valve Presets

This tube driven programmable 24-Bit DSP guitar preamp with effects is what I use for recording. It has a direct output on the back that plugs into the recording device.

Lyle Clean 1
Sometimes I'll mute the delay, and or reverb, or pitch shift depending on what's needed at the time.

Lyle Style
This is my main lead sound. Sometimes I'll mute the chorus effect. Almost all the time I would change the settings of delay 2 to match the tempo of the song.

To view all the parameters of these settings go here >

Here's my Marshall JMP MachII 50watt Master Lead that I've had since 1979. I've had several custom mods done over the years including an effects loop added.