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New CD by En Vogue titled "The Gift of Christmas"

One day the record company Discretion came to my house to ask me if I wanted to help them make a new album for multi-platinum selling vocal group En Vogue. I said as long as I can add some guitar riffs! From March through July 2002, I engineered, recorded, and performed all the instruments on 11 of the 15 songs on "The Gift of Christmas" CD here at my home studio with producers Denzil Foster, Thomas McElroy and executive producers Timothy Eaton and David Sterling. I recorded all the keyboards and synths using my Brian Moore midi guitar with a couple of sythns into Sonic foundry's ACID 4.0, then transferred the files to ProTools in Hollywood for the girls to add their vocals. You'll be surprised with some of the different "grooves" we put on many of the songs. It was a lot of fun for me and En Vogue recording this CD. I was able to add lots of guitar riffs and solos which was gave the Funky Divas a new fresh sound too. I am very proud of the work I did on this project. I have always wanted to do a collection of Christmas music but never dreamed that I'd be involved with such a great bunch of extremely talented people. These girls are definitely the hottest singers around! I really think you'll enjoy this CD. - Lyle


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...about En Vogue

En Vogue first exploded onto the music scene in 1990. Born To Sing, their 1990 debut album dropped four #1 R&B singles, "Hold On", "Lies", "You Don't Have To Worry" and "Don't Go". Born To Sing achieved platinum status The act later released a six - song remix album titled "Remix To Sing" in 1991 before releasing one of the best selling albums of 1992. That album is, "Funky Divas". "Funky Divas" went directly to #1 and would later be certified 4x platinum and garnered 5 Grammy nominations.

The "
Funky Divas" dropped the #1 singles, "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)," "Giving Him Something He Can Feel," and the gold "Free Your Mind."  "My Lovin'..." and "Free Your Mind" were two of the most played videos of '92. It was at the 1992 MTV Music Awards when En Vogue premiered their hit rock song "Free Your Mind" and won 6 MTV Video Awards. In '93, they were honoured with the "Soul Train Entertainer Of The Year" Award and an American Music Award for "Best Soul Album of the Year". "Runaway Love" their next single from an EP of the same name won an American Music Award and their collaboration with Salt 'N Peppa on the next single, "Whatta Man", more than ever made En Vogue a household word.

By 1995, En Vogue came back with the smash hit "Don't Let Go (Love)". With a warm reception to "Don't Let Go (Love)", En Vogue released their next album "EV3" and within a few short months "EV3" went platinum. After the release of three singles from "EV3", including the powerful ballad "Too Gone, Too Long", the group once again decided to take a short hiatus.  This break would temporarily be interrupted by their contribution "No Fool No More", the title track to the 1999 film; "Why Do Fools Fall In Love". It wasn't long before May 2000 when En Vogue came back on the scene with a new single "Riddle".  "Riddle" lead to the release of En Vogue's fourth full-length album, aptly titled "Masterpiece Theatre".

En Vogue has always garnered acclaim for their style and grace and have achieved global status as one of our time's preeminent female R&B/Pop female ensembles. Now, En Vogue is back with their first Christmas holiday album and year-'round wish for goodwill, En Vogue - "The Gift of Christmas"